The Best Deck Stain Application Tool

When it comes to staining decks, there are several tools available including sprayers, brushes, and rollers. Watch this video to find out the best deck stain tool that works the best, and will help you stain your deck with less time and effort.


  1. I plan to use Defy Extreme to stain/seal my deck this summer. What are the annual maintenance I should incorporate going forward and appx when will I need to use the brighter and add another coat of the stain/sealer?

    • customerservice says:

      Steve, once the deck starts absorbing water, simply use some brightener to clean up the deck, let it dry then apply one coat of stain as a maintenance coat. The best way to tell is to do a water test, see if the boards are absorbing water.

  2. mike leverington says:

    what is the shelf life for natural pine transparent stain in the can if you have stain left over after staining the deck?

    • customerservice says:

      Mike, The shelf life on our stain is approximately 36 months. Make sure it doesn’t freeze or get exposed to any elements.

  3. Petra Charisse says:

    We have to stain a whole screened in porch. We will use the car brush for the floors but what is the best tool for the vertical beams and handrails? The samples we got are very liquid so I’m afraid by using a brush it will drip everywhere.

    • customerservice says:

      Petra, I would suggest covering up the areas you don’t want stain to get on with plastic. Do the vertical parts first, and do the horizontal boards last. This will ensure you don’t have any drip marks.

  4. Bubba Smith says:

    Hello, I’m using Defy to stain a long redwood fence along my property line and wondering what type of application tool to use. Would you still recommend a car brush for the vertical surfaces as this might be messy? I can cover everything in plastic but wondering if a sprayer might do a good enough job of getting into the pores on a vertical surface? I’ve read about hand mitts but have never used one. A 3-4″ paint brush will take some time. Thanks for your help in advance.

    • customerservice says:

      Bubba, I would use a pump up garden sprayer and have someone come behind me and brush it out with a car wash brush. This will ensure that the product gets into the pores of the wood and has an even finish.

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