custom color for Defy Wood Stain?

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    troy buckner

    I have a very large deck which was stained previously with a water based stain. The current brown color has too much red tint in it, and I am concerned that the darkest brown Defy Wood Stain (butternut, I think) will not get me close enough to the dark chocolate brown that matches the wood trim on my house. So my question is whether my local paint store might help me achieve a custom color with Defy Wood Stain, and if so, whether the color additive would need to be of a certain spec to blend properly with your product while not reducing the quality in some way. I know that stripping the old stain would be most appropriate, but this isn’t an option given that my deck far too large and is also lake front. Even if I cared to undertake the stripping project, it would be illegal in my community due to the lakefront proximity.

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    Troy, the short answer to your question is yes, you can tint our stains with universal colorants. However, doing so may have an impact on the longevity of the stain. How much of an impact depends on the amount of colorant added. The bigger issue is applying DEFY over top of the previous stain. If the previous stain isn’t removed, you will be able to see through the DEFY stain as it it semi-transparent, so the color will end up being a blend of the DEFY Butternut and whatever was on the deck previously. Also, if the previous stain isn’t removed, it could cause adhesion issues as DEFY won’t be able to soak in as well since there’s already another product on the surface. At a minimum I would recommend using DEFY Wood Cleaner, a safe oxygenated bleach that will open up the pores of the wood and help the stain absorb better.

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