New decking stain process

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    Nathan Lavoie

    I am replacing a 20+ year old mahogany deck with new wood. I have read the new wood should weather then be cleaned and brightened before staining. Do you leave the bottom side of the decking boards bare? I can’t access them once the decking is down. How should the bottom side be treated if at all?

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    Nathan, treating the bottom of the boards is up to you. They’re not going to get any UV damage, so staining them won’t really benefit you in that respect. Typically, the boards are stained on the top sides and ends only, but some people do choose to stain the bottoms as well as they feel it gives them more total protection.

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    John Miedecke

    What is the shelf life of the Exterior Extreme Semi Transparent Stain?

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    John, it’s 36 months.

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    Jill menard

    Hi, I have decided on staining my new pine pressure treated deck which has weathered since October last year with defy stain. I’m very impressed with your product and have a local dealer that carries the stain but they don’t carry the cleaner or brighter. I was hoping to stain this weekend, but am wondering if there is another alternative to the defy cleaner and brighter that will be effective.

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    Jill, I realize my response is too late for your situation (your comment was mistakenly flagged as spam), but to answer your question, other cleaners and brighteners could potentially work, we just haven’t tested them. In theory, if you used a similar oxygenated bleach, and an oxalic acid wood brightener, then you should be ok. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any more specific information as there are many different cleaners on the market and we haven’t tested them with our products to see if they’re effective.

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    Hi I’m building a new deck with cedar boards. Do I need to wait for 4-12 months for the board the weather first before using defy or can I clean brighten and stain right away?

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    Steve, in all of our testing, we have found that stains hold up better when new wood is allowed to weather for at least 3-6 months. This includes cedar.

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    Similarly to a post above, I have a new pine deck that’s been sitting out for a couple months. Do I need to use brightener or anything before the actual stain? It has been powerwashed recently and drying.

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    Chris, in all of our testing, we have found that stains hold up better when wood is cleaned and brightened first. This removes any mill scale, dirt, or graying, as well as opens up the wood pores so the stain penetrates better. The brightener neutralizes the surface of the wood and brightens it so it looks new again. ( Click here to see what a difference the brightener makes).

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