How Many Coats of Deck Stain to Apply

The general rule of thumb is to apply only as much deck stain as the wood can absorb. Typically this will be 2 coats, unless your dealing with extremely dense hardwoods which may only be able to absorb 1 coat of wood stain. Watch this video to see more tips on how many coats of stain to apply.


  1. Linda says:

    We applied one thin coar of Defy clear stain today – can we apply a second coat tomorrow ?? We used Defy a Cleaner and brightened yesterday ….

    • customerservice says:

      Linda, Once you apply a coat of stain and it dries, you can’t apply another coat, the second coat will be repelled and you will see peeling. Give it another year and once the deck starts absorbing water you can apply another maintenance coat.

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