Maintaining Your Deck Stain & Setting Expectations

No deck stain will last forever. Eventually all deck stains will fail. The question is how long does it take, and how easy is it to maintain when it begins to fail. Some deck stains will need to be completely stripped or sanded every other year or two. Others, simply fade away and won’t need to be stripped. DEFY Wood Stains are easy to maintain. Simply clean the surface with an application of Wood Brightener and apply a light maintenance coat of DEFY semi-transparent or clear deck stain and you’re done.


  1. MArijo says:

    MY deck is five years old, in need of a semi transparent stain. I live in central Texas. Heavy rains and hot Summers. Do I go with an oil base by Defy.

    • defyadmin says:

      Marijo, you could use DEFY Wood Oil for Decks or DEFY Extreme Wood Stain. Both products would work well.

  2. Nancy says:

    I have a light colored cedar that needs it’s first staining but do not want to change the color that it is right now. Do notwant to make it orangy like others I have sampled. Would the clear stain change the existing color of the cedar?

    • defyadmin says:

      Nancy, no DEFY Extreme Clear Wood Stain would not change the color of the wood. It’s totally clear.

  3. Greg W says:

    What happens to a deck that has benn previously treated with a water based stain and then is treated with an oil based stain?

    • defyadmin says:

      Greg, most stain manufacturers will recommend that you remove the previous stain in order to ensure the longest lifespan for their stain. With that being said, oil based products usually can adhere to water based products. The only issue you may have is that if the oil based stain doesn’t penetrate the surface because of the previous stain, then it probably won’t last as long compared to being applied to bare wood.

  4. Brueske Norman says:

    I treated, about 5 years ago, a clear fir deck with Defy Extreme Wood Stain (cedar tone). Can I repaint it with the same stain.

    Also, is there a shelf life for an unopened can of this stain.

  5. John Hawkins says:

    Ok, I stained my deck with the Defy Extreme and understand the maintenance. You state (Lasts one to two seasons longer that other stains). So my question is, what next? In about 5 years (is that a good average?) I will need to re-stain. Will I have to remove the old stain? What is the process? Oh, and I live near San Antonio, Texas where we have hot summers (maybe 100 at around 100 degrees) and mild winters.


    • customerservice says:


      Once the stains starts to absorb water you are ready for another coat. That maybe 2-4 years depending on the exposure of UV light and the elements. Once it is absorbing water, clean it up with a mild detergent, let dry and then apply one coat of stain. This should bring the deck back to what it looked like when you first stained it.

  6. Ione says:

    Can I run defy extreme through a sprayer?

    • customerservice says:

      Ione, You can however we recommend back brushing the product. With a sprayer it can be difficult to control how much stain gets applied. As long as you back brush the product it should be ok.

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