How to Choose the Best Deck Stain

Figuring how to choose the best deck stain for your deck staining project can be difficult. There are so many options, it can get overwhelming. Watch this video to see what’s important when choosing a deck stain.


  1. Rick Woedl says:

    Can use your product over an oil based deck stain? It has been over three years since we coated the deck. We used super deck stain before.

    • defyadmin says:

      Rick, you’ll need to use our Stain Stripper first to remove the oil stain. Leaving it on there could prevent our stain from penetrating properly.

  2. I need to refinish a deck that was previously white. I do not know, however, if the previous finish was paint or some type of opaque deck stain. In addition, I do not know if he was an oil or water based product. (Photos at: I plan to pressure wash and sand the deck to remove the remnants of the previous finish. However, with the railings it will be difficult to remove all of the previous finish.I will pressure wash them and do some light sanding but this is probably all. My question is: Can I use your opaque white stain over the existing finish on the railings?


    • defyadmin says:

      James, yes, you can use our opaque white stain over the existing finish as long as it is intact and still adhering to the wood.

  3. James Albright says:


  4. Marty Wallingford says:

    I just had a new deck built (Oct.2019). How long should I wait before I stain it for the first time? Also, how much prep will it need, since this is the first application?

    • defyadmin says:

      Marty, it should be ready to stain in the Spring. Even with new wood, we recommend cleaning and brightening the wood first as this process will remove mill scale and open up the pores of the wood for maximum longevity. Watch this video for a quick overview of the process.

  5. Howard says:

    Can I use the stain brush to apply solid stain?
    Do I need to completely remove all prior solid stain and paint before restraining?

    • defyadmin says:

      Howard, the consistency of the solid stain is more similar to paint. It could potentially be applied with the stain brush, but it may look better if applied by roller. An airless sprayer can be used as well. If you have the stain brush and want to use it, test an area first to see how it looks. Solid stain can be used over top of other solid stains, as long as they are adhering well to the wood.

  6. Kathy Davis says:

    I used Cabot semi-solid stain on my deck last year. Today I used Valspar deck cleaner to clean the deck, and a great deal of the stain came off, so will have to restain. Can I use your solid stain over the remaining stain?

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