DEFY Stain Reviews

Paula J. – Defy Extreme Wood Stain Review – Extreme Butternut on Pressure Treated Lumber

I used the product on a pressure treated, never stained deck built in 1998. I purchased the home 2 yes ago and have been researching deck stain reviews for over a year. After careful consideration I’m a little ashamed to say I actually decided on a TWP stain. After a mixup on the dealers part with my order which was never delivered, and a chat with a rude business owner, I decided to switch to my 2nd choice, Defy. I am so thankful fate intervened and made me buy Defy instead. I was immediately impressed with the appearance upon applying the product to the deck railings. The ease of application was amazing and I almost enjoyed staining the deck! I love this product so far…I used the car wash brush as suggested and the job was done in record time.

Tom D. – Defy Sealer Review – Extreme Natural Pine on White Pine Dock

After researching products, I chose Defy to seal an 8 month old white pine dock behind my home. I was impressed with the cleaner, brightener and the Defy stain. Application of cleaner and brightener was done with sprayer and was fairly easy. The Natural Pine Defy sealer was brushed on by hand.. I learned quickly that the second coat of sealer must go on before the first coat dry’s. I was able to seal two boards at a time (two coats) as the product dry’s fast. Dock looks great. I’m amazed at the hardness of the product and water resistance it has exhibited.

Jack M. – DEFY Extreme Stain Review – Light Walnut on Pressure Treated

My wife and I recently purchased a house after relocating for work. The deck is 800 sq ft. It was 3 yrs old and did not have a thing done to it. Your products made it look amazing. We are extremely pleased with the results. We went with the Extreme Wood Stain in the light walnut color. Great choice!

Ann P. – DEFY Wood Products

I have used many products to protect my deck that I thought I had done my homework on – then I began to read about the DEFY wood products and I learned how the DEFY products truly penetrate the surface of the cedar…wonderful results. I have a beautiful deck again. It is stained evenly and the color is just beautiful.

George M. – DEFY Extreme Wood Stain – Cedartone Review

I love your product and am very pleased with the outcome. My deck is 10 years old and had not been treated for 8 years. It is redwood, located in Colorado at an elevation of 6400 feet. The UV rays are brutal! That is why I chose your product. Your application instructions were very clear and I urge everyone to follow them explicitly. Don’t think you can take any short cuts or you will not get the desired results.

I bought 10 gallons of your Defy Extreme Wood Stain in your Cedar Tone color. After seeing my deck, I have two friends who plan to purchase your product to stain their decks. Thanks for making such a great product..

Freddie D. – DEFY Extreme Stain in Natural Pine

I decided to restore a 500 SF deck that had been without care for a very long time. The deck was dry, extremely gray, and very splintered. After extensive research, I ordered the Defy Wood Cleaner, Defy Wood Brightener, and Defy Extreme Stain in Natural Pine. I did the cleaning and brightening myself and then had my son and wife help with the staining. The results are amazing. I used the natural pine stain and the deck is now a beautiful golden color. Everyone compliments and is amazed at the results. Defy will be the one product I use to do continued care of my deck.