Blotchy deck after cleaning

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    Thomas Whitt

    Help! I just washed and brightened my front deck using the Defy powdered cleaner and brightener and the results are very uneven and blotchy. Did I do something wrong…and is there any way to fix this short if starting over?

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    I cleaned my composite deck with (Sunnyside deck cleaner) and there are still faint Leopard on the surface when dry, if I wet the surface they are more promin ate.
    I bought three gallons of Dufy Extreme Composite Cleaner but I am not sure if I should seal the deck because of the light spots that can be seen when it is dry.
    At this point what would you suggest? The composite decking was installed in 2005, I don’t want to mess the job up now. should I try cleaning it again?
    Also in your suggestions you say use a power sprayer to clean the deck.
    Do you spray it on with a garden sprayer use a deck brush then power spray it?
    thanks for you comments.
    Arnold Casey

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