Maintenance coat and color

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    Question regarding putting a maintenance coat on. I have used Cedar tone for the initial stain on a deck. When I want to apply a maintenance coat, I will use the Wood Brightener, then another coat of Defy Hardwood Deck Stain. My question is, if I use the brightener, will it bleach any of the original cedar tone color? I like the color of the original cedar tone stain, but don’t want to make it too much darker with additional coats of stain. So should I brighten and then apply more cedar tone or should I brighten and then apply a clear coat of Defy?

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    Andrew, using the wood brightener will lighten the wood and offset the darkening effect that applying multiple coats of stain can have. The Brightener will not bleach the wood, but it will lighten it somewhat. For the best protection, I would use the Brightener first, then another coat of cedar tone.

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    I just had my deck professionally stained. Prior to staining we power washed the deck, applied, a few days later, the Defy Wood Cleaner, then the Defy Brightener. Our deck (new) was almost 2 years old and had never been stained. It’s got a roof over the deck, but afternoon sun does shines in on one side of the deck; which made the stain a much lighter.

    When the company stained our deck, they painted around the house siding edges and used a roller to apply the stain. After applying they proceeded to wipe off the stain with a rag. Was this OK, to do?

    My stain question: The color ended up being so much lighter of a Walnut then we expected and looked more blonde then a Walnut. Can we use a darker color of the same Defy stain, next year when adding the 2nd coat? I’d appreciate your help!

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