Peeling and stripping

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    Tim Collins

    I got the following response to a question last fall. The deck is indeed peeling. How much stripper and brightener do I need for a 20 x 20 deck. I want to start from scratch.

    “If the deck has a glossy appearance, that usually means too much has been applied, or the first coat dried before the second coat was applied and the second coat didn’t penetrate. I would wait and see what happens. You could end up seeing some peeling, but there’s always a chance that you won’t. Worst case scenario….next year apply DEFY Stain Stripper to the deck to remove any peeling, brighten it, and restain it. Chances are, the vertical surfaces will be fine and all you’ll have to redo is the horizontals.”

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    Tim, assuming you’re not going to be treating any stairs or railings, you’ll need approximately 3 gallons of Stain Stripper, and 1 gallon of Wood Brightener.

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    Tim Collins

    Thank you.

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    Michele Musumeci

    2 or 3 years ago we treated our deck with defy epoxy fortified woo stain (driftwood gray). What defy products should be use to clean the deck and re-coat it? Do we have to be careful to only apply certain products b/c it was epoxy fortified? Is it important to stick with the same color or can we use a darker shade?

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    Michele, if they deck has any graying on it, use DEFY Wood Cleaner, followed by DEFY Wood Brightener. If the deck doesn’t have any graying and is in pretty good shape, you can skip the cleaner and just use the brightener. Let the deck dry out and then it’s ready to stain. Also, we improved our Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain by adding zinc particles for improved mildew resistance and better UV protection, it’s now called DEFY Extreme Wood Stain. It’s available in the same driftwood gray color as you used before.

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    Bad idea, painted our deck with porch paint. Its a area that does not get alot of sun. Pain pealed, what a mess. i have now power washed and basically remove 90 of the paint. But there are Spots of pain that remained.
    We used to stain it oak. I wanted gray. I Was talked into tjis paint at big box store. They just are not always well versed in issues.
    So I’m left with a sotted deck. My husband said I NEED to paint it from Now on. I would like to know if I can stain it gray and then next year power was and remove more of the left over spots of gr@ay paint.
    I prefer gray stain. NOT PAINT. Help please and Thank You lily

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