Stain gone after 6 months

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    I purchased the redwood stain for use on my wood deck. I stripped the former paint layers off with your stripper. It didn’t all come off after two tries so I sanded every board down with a belt sander. Then I used your brightener. I allowed it to dry for several days and then stained it. I don’t like the color at all since it turned out more orange than red but decided to live with it after all the hard work I’d put in. This deck is west facing with no weather protection at all. Six months after application, the stain is gone in many spots, especially where the knots in the wood exist. It’s not peeling, it’s just worn away. Why would this happen after six months and no traffic on the surface during this time? How do I fix it? I’m very disappointed as I researched your stain to be the best rated available.

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