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    Worried about first coat drying too fast. I’m working alone on a 450 sq ft deck and want to cover the the entire deck with the first coat before going back to do the second coat. How can I tell if my first coat is too dry for a second application? When I did a spot test it soaked in and surface appeared dry quickly.

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    Steve, one way to avoid it drying too fast is to make sure you’re not applying it in direct sunlight. With that being said, you typically have half an hour to an hour to apply the 2nd coat. If the 2nd coat looks like it’s soaking in pretty fast, then you’re probably ok.

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    Jonathan Winborne

    I’ve had a similar issue. Unfortunately, the combination of size and sunlight has caused my first coat to dry too fast. My deck is approximately 700 sq ft, I was working alone, and even though I waited late in the evening my deck doesn’t have any shade and received too much sunlight. I now have an uneven consistency to my deck stain color. I’ve seen worse but I’m not happy with my mistake as this deck is new and a sizable investment for me. I have tested small areas and the stain that has been applied does repel the water based defy. Am I stuck waiting out the weathering of deck and first maintenance coat? Or is there another recommendation? Thank you for any help on this matter.

    Jonathan M. Winborne
    Amateur Deck Stainer

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    Only 1 coat was applied today and the guy we hired said he is coming back tomorrow to apply a second coat – it’s Defy Clear stain – is this a problem??? It looks like the second coat should have been applied today ?????

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    Gosh. You folks really needed to read the instructions for this product. It’s online and right on the can. You cannot let the 1st sit for more than say 1/2 hour or 20 minutes before stopping where you are and going back to where you started for the #2 coat, then repeat in sections. “Wet on Wet” I’m sorry but that’s a hard rule for applying Defy stain. It is not paint.

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    Jim I never saw this on line or on the can…not to say its not there. Damn ! So its been like 2 weeks since I applied 1st coat. Its a bog ass deck and no way i can do two coats in one day without help. The 2nd coat stain is berating up. What should I do now? Not put the second coat on and wait?

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    Maybe I need to slow down and spell. The second coat is beading is what I meant to say

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