Letting Your Deck Weather Before Staining

Watch this video to find out why you should let your new deck weather before using any deck stain on it. Weathering allows the surface of the wood deck to break down and become more porous. It also allows moisture or chemicals from the pressure treating process time to dry out. This is important because the more porous the surface of the wood is, the better the stain will absorb into the wood, and the longer the wood stain will last.


  1. Lynda walsh says:

    We followed all the directions to a t and are very disappointed that after only one year, the defy deck stain is showing no signs of water protection at all. Not sure where to go from here.

    • defyadmin says:

      Lynda, lack of water beading is not a sign of stain failure. The water beading effect only lasts for a few months if that. The resins that soak into the wood are what continue to protect the wood after it stops beading water. What type of wood do you have? If it’s a hardwood like mahogany or ipe, then 1 year is about the average lifespan before a maintenance coat is needed. Also, what color did you use? If it was clear, then 1 year is typically when a maintenance coat is needed.

  2. Jim Hildreth says:

    What is the best products to use to revive a Weathered deck? I need something to take the dark pressure treated wood to bring the sure back to the best look I can get the decking to look.
    The boarders are in good shape but very dark and discolored. I need something to get the mold and Algae and whatever else has made the decking so weather beaten. After it’s clean should I wait to seal it a month or so?
    Great article!

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