DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods

Product Features & Benefits

  • Durable – Lasts an Extra Season or Two Over Competition
  • Resists Color Fading with Sunscreen Technology
  • Formulated with Smaller Resins to Penetrate Dense Hardwoods
  • Enhanced Mildew Resistance
  • Resists Darkening & Fading
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Tolerant of Damp Conditions
  • Eco-Friendly & Water-Based
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DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods (Deck Stain for Hardwoods) is formulated with small resins that penetrate hardwoods or oily softwoods better than other products.  DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods is a synthetic, semi-transparent deck stain specifically formulated for use on cedar, mahogany, redwood, and other dense or difficult-to-penetrate woods.

DEFY Deck Sealer Uses

Finding a cedar stain or redwood deck stain that actually works is difficult, as most deck stains have trouble penetrating oil-rich or dense wood types. This product was specifically designed with smaller resins to better penetrate wood, which helps to eliminate surface buildup and peeling. This low VOC wood stain penetrates wood pores to block out water and to provide long-lasting protection from weather damage. DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods can be used on interior or exterior smooth hardwood surfaces, including wood siding, decks, and outdoor wood furniture.  Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods is available in cedar tone, light walnut, and natural pine. This product also works well on composite wood. For clear protection on composite wood, use Composite Deck Waterproofing Sealer.


DEFY deck stains will provide years of protection for your deck and are easy to maintain. Periodically, as the surface begins to get dirty or dull, simply wash it down with a mild detergent and water. As the weather begins to wear away at the surface and the color begins to fade, a maintenance coat will need to be applied. To see if the surface is ready for a maintenance coat, simply sprinkle a little water on it. If the water is immediately absorbed into the wood, then it is ready to be recoated. The first step in the maintenance process is to apply a coat of Wood Brightener. This will lighten any minor graying and clean the surface. Allow the surface to dry for 24 hours, then apply a single coat of DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods as directed on the label. A maintenance coat will generally result in a slightly darker color than the original application. All of the DEFY deck sealers contain powerful sunscreens to block damaging UV rays. Ultraviolet rays cause wood to turn gray and become susceptible to water penetration and decay. DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods contains synthetic resins that do not attract mildew and algae like other natural resin (oil-based) stains do. Additionally, this deck stain is a water repellent that reduces water penetration up to 90%.

Environmentally Friendly Deck Stains

DEFY Extreme Wood Stain for Hardwoods is an environmentally friendly, water-based deck stain that has less than 100 g/L VOC content.


Additional Info

Coverage Rate: Approx. 100-150 sq. ft. per gallon
Available Sizes: 1 and 5 gal. containers
Application Temperatures: Minimum 45° F
Application Method: Pump sprayer, airless sprayer, pad applicator or brush
Dry Time: 2-4 hours (above 45° F), allow 24 hours before using
Cleanup: Soap and water
VOC Content: <100 g/L


Size Approx. Weight Product Code UPC #
1 gal./Cedar Tone 9 lbs. 300166 709057550017
5 gal./Cedar Tone 45 lbs. 300169 709057550055
1 gal./Light Walnut 9 lbs. 300167 709057551014
5 gal./Light Walnut 45 lbs. 300170 709057551052
1 gal./Natural Pine 9 lbs. 300168 709057552011
5 gal./Natural Pine 45 lbs. 300171 709057552059